Members List

If you are a member of the BDA and wish to look up contact details for another of our members you can do so by logging in to our confidential members details list using the login user name and password supplied to you by the BDA secretary.

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Last Name First NameCategory of MembershipFleet Name
AdamsWillie Affiliated
AdamsJulian Abersoch
AllenNiall Affiliated
AtackToby Medway
BaileyJulia Solent
BarterSimon Solent
BeckerStewart Abersoch
BiggsNigel Abersoch
BondarenkoDmitry Affiliated
BoydHenry Affiliated
BrealyChristopher Medway
BreretonColin Abersoch
BreretonColin Abersoch
BroughtonMike Solent
BrownFiona Abersoch
BrownDavid Burnham
BuddMike Abersoch
BuddMike Abersoch
BullChris Affiliated
ButcherGeoffrey Burnham
ButlerRebecca Solent
ChurchwardDan Burnham
CookePete Affiliated
CoxonDavid Abersoch
CrabbDavid Burnham
daviesgeorge Abersoch
DaweRoger Medway
DickerMark Affiliated
DickerMark Burnham
DickerSelina Affiliated
DoddHarry Abersoch
DyballAdrian Affiliated
EdwardsAnthony Solent
EvansPeter Abersoch
FennellWill Abersoch
FletcherPaul Burnham
FoggMartyn Burnham
FosterMichael Solent
FoulkesHuw Abersoch
GibbonThomas Aldeburgh
GibsonJamie Abersoch
GiffordFrances Aldeburgh
GiffordPatrick Aldeburgh
gomesdavid South & West
GordonGrant Affiliated
GrayIan Burnham
GreenAdrian Solent
HamiltonGillian Solent
HannantEdwin Medway
HannonTim Aldeburgh
HaylesNick Abersoch
HaylesMichael Aldeburgh
HeritageSophie Solent
Hewitson Tom Abersoch
HorsfallHelen Affiliated
HoughPeter Abersoch
HowardSimon Burnham
HudsonDavid Burnham
hughesjonathan Burnham
hughesjonathan Burnham
HurnClive Abersoch
HutchinsonVanessa Affiliated
JamesAndrew Aldeburgh
JamesRon North & East
JephcottDavid South & West
JordanNicholas Abersoch
KearnsPaul Abersoch
kelseypaul Solent
KerrSheena Affiliated
LeesMark Burnham
LoginovAnatoly Affiliated
lomaxpatrick Abersoch
MakeyMary Burnham
MakeyMartin Burnham
MakeyThomas Abersoch
MakeyJessica Burnham
MannionChris Aldeburgh
MarchantPeter Abersoch
McKissockRoss Medway
McLarenBruce Affiliated
McmillanIan Abersoch
McmillanIan Abersoch
MilesDavid Abersoch
MillsSimon Burnham
MilneDonald Affiliated
MitchellRay  South & West
Moret jaraizAndres Affiliated
MorganFrancesca Solent
MuratovMikhail Abersoch
NappJohann Jakob Affiliated
navoneflaviano Affiliated
NgJessica  Affiliated
NordenAndrew Burnham
OuthwaiteJohn Affiliated
OverNicholas South & West
PageGraeme Burnham
PattersonGordon Affiliated
PayOwen Solent
PayneKeith Aldeburgh
PierceRob Abersoch
PotterDylan Solent
PowellRichard Solent
PowellTracy Abersoch
PriceGraham Abersoch
Pritchard JonesDeborah Affiliated
Pritchard JonesDebbie Abersoch
ProctorPaul Abersoch
ResnikAlex Abersoch
ResnikAlex Abersoch
RobertsAndrew Abersoch
ScottRuairidh Solent
SedgeworthCathy Abersoch
SedgeworthCathy Affiliated
ShawAlexander Solent
SheppardRobert Medway
ShillingJohn Medway
SillifantJosie Affiliated
SimmsJohn Abersoch
SingerTony Solent
SlackDaniel Abersoch
snowdonsimon South & West
Sowry Claire  Medway
Sowry Claire  Medway
SpallMartin Aldeburgh
SpringettPaul Aldeburgh
Squire-SandersTimothy Solent
StanleyDavid Affiliated
StraussHarry Affiliated
TaylorGeoff Medway
TaylorGeoff Medway
ThomasPeter Aldeburgh
VaughanGavin Affiliated
VernonTom Solent
whippnick Abersoch
WhiteOlga Abersoch
WilkesTim Burnham
WilkinsAndrew Abersoch
Wilkinson-CoxGavia Solent
WilliamsGlynn Abersoch
WilliamsDavid  Abersoch
wilsonrichard Affiliated
wiltonnicola Burnham
WiltonNicola Burnham
YoungNigel Affiliated