Historic Edinburgh Cup and Centenary Celebrations at South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club

The picturesque coastal village of Abersoch is set to host a momentous event in the world of keelboat racing: the 76th Edinburgh Cup, the British Dragon Association National Championship.

This year’s championship holds special significance as it coincides with the centenary anniversary of the South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club (SCYC), promising an unforgettable celebration of sailing heritage and competitive spirit.

From 7th July 2024, the pristine waters of Cardigan Bay will come alive as 25 Dragons from Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, and Japan converge to compete for the coveted national championship title and the illustrious Edinburgh Cup trophy. The event will span four days of racing, showcasing the stunning International Dragons and sailors from around the globe.

The Edinburgh Cup, a prestigious fixture in the sailing calendar, has a storied history with Abersoch and the SCYC. The club has had the honour of hosting the championship numerous times: in 1962, 1969, 1976, 1982, 1988, 2011, 2016, and 2019. This July, the tradition continues, underscoring the club’s commitment to excellence and its pivotal role in the sailing community.

Current reigning Edinburgh Cup Champion Lawrie Smith will be heading to North Wales with the aim of retaining the title. He is joined by previous Edinburgh Cup champion Martin Byrne, and current Edinburgh Cup Corinthian Champions Jono Brown and Chris Grosscurth, along with many national and regional champions.

In addition to the main event, the Edinburgh Cup will be preceded by the two-day British Dragon Association Northern Championship, setting the stage for an exciting week of top-tier sailing competition.

The centenary celebrations of the SCYC will add an extra layer of festivity to this year’s Edinburgh Cup, proudly supported by The Warren Resort & Spa. Founded in 1924, the SCYC has been a beacon of sailing passion and community spirit in North Wales. Its rich history and dedication to the sport will be celebrated alongside the thrilling races, making this a truly unique occasion.

As the countdown begins, anticipation builds for the BDA Northern Championship and Edinburgh Cup 2024 in Abersoch, which promises to be an event to remember.

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