Historic win for Bluebottle in Deauville

In 1949 Bluebottle sailed across the Channel to Deauville and won the Virginie Heriot Cup. 75 years later, in a truly unique moment, Bluebottle has won the Linkers French Dragon National Championship in the same waters.

Deauville produced stunning conditions for the four days of racing that saw 27 teams take part in five races. It was not an easy ride for the Royal boat as the final day of racing was the decider between Bande a Part FRA 428, UAE17 and GBR 192 Bluebottle.

Leading from the off in the final race to take the last win of the regatta saw Graham Bailey, Julia Bailey, Will Bedford and Gillian Hamilton crowned as overall winners and Linked French Dragon National Champions.

Helm of Bluebottle, Graham Bailey commented “We were keenly aware of the historical significance of Bluebottle once again sailing in Deauville. Her first visit was in 1949 when she crossed the English Channel on her own keel to win the Viginie Heriot Cup and 75 years later has sailed away with the Linkers French Championship. We felt someone was looking down on us in that last race when it was between us, Gery and Anatoly. Surely the fairy tale could not come true–but it did. We are beyond thrilled and especially pleased that Admiral Neil Rankin, Chairman of the Royal Britannia Trust was there to witness history repeating itself. Dreams are made of this.”

It was also great to see fellow British Dragons Fei-Lin’s Flirtation, Danish Blue and Jerboa finishing in the top ten.

The next stop for Bluebottle, Jerboa, Flotation and many other Dragons is the Edinburgh Cup held this year in Abersoch at the SCYC.


  1. Bluebottle
  2. Bande a Part
  3. UAE17
  4. Douzement
  5. Fei-Lin’s Flirtation
  6. Revolte
  7. Chapter VI
  8. Danish Blue
  9. Jerboa
  10. Tsuica

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