Classic Dragon Timeline



The first Dragon was built and launched by Johan Anker, his best known one-design.


AH Ball cruised Norway & Sweden, he was a R Clyde YC member and was killed in the war. He bought the Dragon designs home.


J Howden Hume & GF Paisley bought Anita.


McGruers of Clynder built the first six Dragons in the UK. The early numbers can be confusing and we assume that they all numbered slightly after the first few had been built or imported. By the end of the first year on the Clyde, there were 25 Dragons sailing.


25 boats raced on the Clyde and by 1939 there were 120 Dragons registered in UK & Ireland, with fleets in Clyde, Belfast lough, Burnham & Solent.


This year the International Dragon was awarded Olympic status.


169 registered UK Dragons in Solent, Medway, Clyde, Burnham, Torbay, Lowestoft, Granton, Scarborough, Aldeburgh, Belfast, Cork & Dublin.


This is the last year that the International Dragon appeared as an Olympic sailing class.


The first GRP International Dragons were being built.

At this time British Dragon sail numbers had reached 465.

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