Citron Trophy Winners

The Citron Trophy is traditionally presented each year by the BDA to the Dragon with the best cumulative performance at BDA events in the preceding year.

Year Helm Yacht Club
2023 Gavia Wilkinson-Cox Jerboa RTYC
2022 Graham Bailey Bluebottle RYS
2021 Tom Vernon Badger LYC
2019 Graham Bailey Aimee RYS
2018 Graham Bailey Aimee RYS
2017 Mark Wade Avalanche  Burnham, RCYC
2015 Julia Bailey Aimee RYS
2014 Gavia Wilkinson-Cox Jerboa RTYC
2013 Rob Campbell Quicksilver III Burnham, RCYC
2012 Julia Bailey Aimee RYS
2011 Julia Bailey Aimee RYS
2010 Len Jones Rumours  
2009 Len Jones Rumours  
2008 Louis Urvois Ar Youleg II  
2007 Len Jones Rumours  
2006 R A Campbell Quicksilver III RCYC
2005 J E Williams Ecstatic  
2004 R Bowman Yeah Baby  
2003 M Payne Elusive  
2002 R Bowman Yeah Baby  
2001 A Craig Chimaera  
2000 P Bowring Phantom  
1999 M Payne Flame Again  
1998 M Payne Yeah baby  
1997 M Payne Dragon Lady  
1996 M Payne Dragon Lady  
1995 M Payne Dragon Lady  
1994 M Payne Dragon Lady  
1993 N McClennan Bebe  
1992 J E Williams Hectic