Edinburgh Cup 2019

The 71st British Dragon Nationals, the Haulfryn Edinburgh Cup, came to a close on Thursday 18 July after two final races were sailed. The event was shortened by a day due to an increasing weather front approaching the Irish Sea but all six championship races were successfully sailed thanks to the organisation of the SCYC race team. Read more on how the regatta panned out here >>>


  1. HARRY Mike Budd, Adam Bowers, Mark Greaves
  2. JAGUAR Martin Byrne, Adam Winklemann, Pedro Andrade
  3. BEAR Martin Payne, Chris Grosscurth, Emma York

Click here for the full list of 2019 results >>>


  1. AIMEE Graham Bailey, Julia Bailey, Will Heritage, Will Bedford
  2. AVALANCHE Mark Wade, Many Wade, Chris Brittain
  3. PHANTOM David Williams, Peter Bowring, John O’Connor


Fantastic racing was had on day three of the Haulfryn Edinburgh Cup and on the water the 33 Dragons were joined by local photographer, Andy Green. Please visit the Green Sea website here for images of all boats and racing action >>>