World & European Championship Selection Procedure

Selection by the National Association is required to enter either the World or European Championships. The number of boats qualified to enter is determined by the International Dragon Association, see Appendices 9 and 10 in International Dragon Class Rules. At present, the UK is entitled to select 11 boats although certain extra places can be granted at the discretion of the IDA to the home fleet if there is space. Selection will be based on the helmsman’s performance. All applying helms must be members of the BDA.

The Rules for BDA qualification to attend World and European Championship regattas are as follows:

1.  The ranking system on which qualification for IDA events will be based will add a helm’s three highest scoring results taken from the current year’s area championships, the current year’s Edinburgh Cup and the previous year’s Edinburgh Cup.

2.  The helm’s score in any event will be the number of boats beaten, excluding non BDA member helmed boats (if any), expressed as a percentage of that event’s BDA fleet.

3.  The percentage score thus obtained will be multiplied by a factor of 1 for area championships, 1.2 for the preceding year’s Edinburgh Cup and 1.25 for the current year’s Edinburgh Cup.

4.  Where entries are required before all qualifying events have been held the result from the equivalent event the previous year will be used in lieu of results from events not yet held.