The Royal Forth Yacht Club welcomed three well-travelled visitors, Basilisk, Ran and Monica to Edinburgh for a combined Scottish as well
Lawrie Smith, Ruaridh Scott, Goncalo Ribeiro and Richard Parslow are Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup Champions 2023 The fleet went into
A commanding lead and a Cinderella story A jubilant team onboard DEN423 Denmark’s Bo Johansen Déjà Vu Ver 2.0 crossed
Recap from two days of racing at the Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup in Torquay hosted by the Royal Torbay Yacht
Fifty International Dragon teams from fourteen countries and three continents are arriving at the Royal Torbay Yacht Club in Torquay
Lawrie Smith’s Alfie from Glandore YC, crewed by Richard Parslow, Goncalo Ribeiro and Ruairidh Scott, is 75th Edinburgh Cup and UK
One final spectacular race confirmed Lawrie Smith and the Alfie team as the 75th Edinburgh Cup Champion. It all came
Big gains and big losses across the fleet as teams battle variable shifting breeze and strong tides on the penultimate