Solent Membership

Solent Membership and Fees

You can join the fleet as an owner-member or non-owning member. Annual fees are:
Owner Member               £60
Non-Owning Member    £20

The annual subscription runs for the calendar year. Fleet members are encouraged to set up standing orders that credit the fleet account on the 1st February, later payments are subject to an additional £5 charge.

The membership fees fund the fleet website, the membership “Blue Book”, racing prizes and other costs associated with running the fleet. As a member of the Solent fleet you will also be expected to join the British Dragon Association, click here for details >

Solent Racing Fees 

Solent Racing charges for each boat for the season are set by the CCCA.

These fees cover the CCCA (Cowes Clubs and Classes Association) cost for running the racing and are designed to be flexible for regular racers, occasional racers and visiting yachts.

All Dragons competing in races in the Solent must complete a CCCA declaration for insurance purposes, to ensure results are validated. Regular racers are required to be members of the local fleet.