All to play for on the final day

Edinburgh Cup 2022 Day Three

Going into the final two races of the 2022 Edinburgh Cup in Falmouth it was close at the top. Just one or two points were in it for four of the Dragons and it quite literally was all to play for!

Wind, waves, and sun was on the menu for the first race but after a general recall the wind started to dip. Instead of the three sitting on the side, teams were adapting to the conditions sailing towards Pendennis Castle.

The conditions further tested the fleet with many choosing to hit a hard corner before turning to the upwind mark. Gains were made downwind for many of the Dragons, but it was the final beat to the finish that determined the outcome.

Provezza TUR 1212 claimed their second race win with Bluebottle GBR 192 in second and, Jaguar Racing Team IRL 201 taking third. Burnham-based Dragons Flotation GBR 790 and Still Crazy GBR 827 came in fourth and fifth, respectively.

The final race was an exciting culmination of the week. The Dragons were away on a clean start, and it was a 50/50 split choosing the far left or right of the beat. The first windward mark was a melee of Dragons as several converged from port and starboard resulting in penalty turns and rapid avoidance.

The final beat to the finish saw GBR 192 and TUR 1212 exchange covering tacks and a fast GBR 761 edged ahead. As the Dragons neared the finish and the entrance to Carrick Roads, the wind became unpredictable with pockets across the bay.

In a remarkably close finish, it was Jerboa GBR 761 to cross the line with their first race win. TUR 1212 got in front of GBR 192 to take second place forcing Bluebottle to settle for third.

In another brilliant display of racing expertise, Ron James’ Fei-Lin’s Flirtation GBR 633 came from the back, choosing a hard right on the final beat to take fourth place over the line. Followed quickly by Andy Moss’s Hands Off GBR 760.

The 2022 Edinburgh Cup was won by Provezza Dragon TUR 1212, Andy Beadsworth, Simon Fry and Edward Salter. A first win for helm Andy Beadsworth but not his first Edinburgh Cup win.

Results are provisional as of 16:40 on July 7, 2022


Sailed: 6, Discards: 1, To count: 5, Entries: 24, Scoring system: Appendix A

RankNameNumberEntered ByClubtrophiesR1R2R3R4R5R6Nett
1stProvezza DragonTUR 1212Andy BeadsworthBodrum Offshore SC 2.01.0(11.0)
2ndBluebottleGBR 192Graham BaileyRoyal Yacht Squadron
3rdJaguar Racing TeamIRL 201Martin ByrneRoyal St George YCC7.
4thJerboaGBR 761Gavia Wilkinson-CoxRoyal Torbay YCL(19.0)
5thFei-Lin’s FlirtationGBR 633Ronald JamesRoyal Forth YC 5.0(9.0)
6thHands OffGBR 760Andrew MossRoyal Corinthian YCC3.06.07.0(11.0)
7thBertieGBR 763Simon BarterCowes Corinthian YCC4.
8thPageboy XIGBR 792Clive PageRoyal Corinthian YCC6.04.05.0(14.0)
9thFlotationGBR 790Richard DaviesRoyal Thames YC (18.0)
10thFuriousGBR 777Owen PayCowes Corinthian YC 11.05.0(13.0)
11thStill CrazyGBR 827Ian GrayRoyal Corinthian YC 13.0(16.0)
12thRaissaGBR 809Michael CopeSouth Caernarfonshire YCC8.
13thFit ChickGBR 753Chris GrosscurthMedway YCC(23.0)
14thBasiliskGBR 515Patrick GiffordAldeburgh YCC,> RET)65.0
15thSankaGBR 748Dave RossCowes Corinthian YC DNC)70.0
16thKestraGBR 731Richard LeaskRoyal Forth YCC10.0(20.0)
17thGandalfGBR 726Edwin HannantMedway YC 12.013.0(22.0)
18thDublin BayGBR 826David WarnerRoyal Corinthian YCC16.0(23.0)
19thRánGBR 430Crispin BlythRoyal Yorkshire YC>2517.018.016.0(22.0)
20thGlaurungGBR 768Richard CullenRORCC(21.0)
21stKismetGBR 508Cathy OgdenRoyal Forth YCC,L,>2514.022.0(23.0)
22ndNaiadGBR 764Michael HaylesAldeburgh YCC20.
23rdSutiGBR 747Trevor CoxMedway YCC22.021.019.0(23.0)
24thIthacaGBR 734Michael CoverRoyal Thames YCC24.0(25.0 RET)25.0 DNC25.0 DNC25.0 DNC25.0 DNC124.0