Dragonfly GBR 453

For Sale – Dragonfly GBR 453

£7000 ono

Dragonfly GBR 453

1969 Borresen, SSR15100. International Dragon reg cert dated 1984 when she was owned by J E Williams at RYLC  /Island SC.

Last racing records;
2008 RDYC winner of two series + 2007 RDYC Dragon trophy winner


Carvel mahogany planking on oak frames and ribs. Aluminium double ring frame inserted amidships by Clare Lallows in 1984 and joined by st/st bars to which upper and lower shrouds are attached. Braced wires from st/st bars pass under the mast step. This system spreads rig stresses more evenly.

Keel bolts were replaced in 2015 and keel to wood joint sealed with ralibondite. Varnished above water line, anti-fouled below.

Dragonfly GBR 453



Are believed to be original pine with patched areas and replaced canvas. Deck now requires replacing due to rot in places.



Mast, boom and spinnaker pole by proctor (black anodized looking a bit worn).

Dragonfly GBR 453


Stainless steel forestay, upper and lower shrouds, diamonds, back stay, running back stays and spinnaker pole topping lift with bridle, kicking strap.
Stainless steel double Genoa halyard through original below deck furling drum lead back to cockpit under deck to a muscle box.
Mainsail halyard wire with rope tail – halyard lock above upper band Running back stays adjustable through course/fine tune system leading under deck to cockpit. Backstay adjustable and lead under aft deck to cockpit.
Two genoa sheet winches. Dyneema spinnaker halyard spliced to fatter rail Genoa, main, & spinnaker sheets, spinnaker barber haulers, spinnaker pol

e downhauls, kicking strap controls


Elvstrom (‘02 & ‘03) and Petticrow (‘04 & ‘05) mains and Genoas.
Hood and Ratsey spinnakers (‘86)Dragonfly GBR 453


Complete hull and deck canvas cover for using afloat, including on a mooring.


Purpose built four-wheel trailer suitable for launching.


Dragonfly GBR 453


Vanessa Hutchinson
E: vanessahutchinson@icloud.com








Summer Special Dragon Offer

Abersoch’s Nick Whipp has a very special summer offer for anyone wanting to upgrade their Dragon or get into Dragon sailing with their first boat.

You can now get your hands on a club boat and a championship Dragon with this one very special offer for both Harryot and Djinn. 

Harryot is a Northern Championship 2019 race winning Dragon that is immaculate under the water, comes with a new mast and has only been raced three times. For action shots of Harryot at this year’s Edinburgh Cup click here >>>

Djinn, formerly Danish Blue, is a fast, classic Dragon. She comes with four good sails plus one perfect sail.

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You can view the individual sale listing for each Dragon below;

Harryot GBR 793, 2010

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