IDA Yearbook goes digital for 2020

After a year when everything changed, the International Dragon Association (IDA) made the choice to change their annual IDA Yearbook.

The 2020 review, 2021 preview magazine is now online with interactive clickable links on the pages. Read from your phone, tablet or computer anytime or if you prefer to enjoy it even more you can download and print the PDF*. Click any of the images on this page to access the Yearbook.

Tim Pearson, IDA Secretary said: “We started this year’s Yearbook back in July, wondering what we would write about, but it turns out there was quite a bit!

“We hope you enjoy it and feel free to pass the link on to anyone who might be interested. As always much thanks are due to the editorial team of Fiona Brown (Editor), Anne Garrett, Nicky Wilton, Steven Vermeire and our long-suffering designer Calvin Evans.”

*To print the yearbook – From the link, it you look at the top left of any page of the yearbook, there is a button (down arrow) which will download the yearbook and once done, you can print from that PDF as it’s ‘page-to-view’.