Note from the Secretary – Subs and Mag

Further to last weeks AGM I would like to bring it to everyone’s attention that Subs are going up this year.  It was agreed at the AGM that personal subs would increase from £20 to £25 for the year and boat subs will increase from £55 to £65.

On another note the BDA magazine along with the white book was sent out just before Christmas so everyone should now have a hard copy.  The magazine has now been uploaded onto the Magazine archive section of the website.  If you believe you are a member and did not receive a copy of the magazine please email me –  The IDA magazine should be coming out by post shortly to the same addresses that the BDA one went to (with the exception of the few wrong addresses with whom I have spoken in the last month).

Lastly a message from the IDA, the 2017 Class Rules, the Alterations and the 2017 Measurement Form have just been published by World Sailing.  These are now updated on the IDA website and where present on our website will also shortly be updated.