The Stavros Corona Chapters

April arrived and we were told to stay in, not go to work, be safe and kept reading of our much beloved sailing events all over the world being cancelled. It has been very sad and troubling times but there was a light to look forward to for Dragon sailors globally thanks to Stavros.

From the beginning of April the new IDA Facebook page has been the place to go. Stavros has hosted over ten virtual interviews talking to World, European, National and Olympic Champion sailors.

It all started with a fun Q&A style chat with back-to-back Dragon World champions Simon (Stirfry) Fry and Andy Beadsworth. The much-watched video then led on to further interviews with the ‘Man’ Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen, IDA Chairman Jens Rathsack, IDA Treasurer Anne Vanneste and IDA Officer Marc Castagnet. The next one featured 2017 European Champion & 2019 Gold Cup winner Pedro Andrade, the Nordic “King” Martin Palsson and Greig City Academy Head of 6th Form, Jon Holt.

The interviews continued to skip across the waters and it was an early evening drink and some banter with the Irish sailors Cameron Good, Brian Goggin and Daniel Murphy that came next. Then came the Lars double – Stavros interviewed Lars Hendriksen & Lars Stenfeldt both winners of numerous Gold Cups.

The 9th edition was Bakker to the Future with the successful family team of Jan, Dominic & Olivier and there was even one where the tables turned and Stavros was interviewed by Stirfry! A chat with the Maestro, the great Vincie Hoesch was followed by a discussion with Petticrows Tim Tavinor and how he went from sailing to boat building.

Stavros Q and A with Stir-Fry

A few questions asked by Stavros from messages sent in on FB…….

Posted by International Dragon Sailing on Monday, 6 April 2020
Stavros and Ho-Jo continued……

Dragonista's Stavros and Ho-Jo resume their chat on all things Dragon!

Posted by International Dragon Sailing on Monday, 13 April 2020
KINSALE, IRELAND. Stav talks to 2020 Gold Cup Organiser Cameron Good.

Stavros has a "vertual" drink with Kinsale Dragon Sailors, Cameron Good, Brian Goggin and Daniel Murphy… Hope you enjoy the bit of Irish Banter and the latest plans for the Gold Cup in September…. Whilst we continue in Lockdown, it does no harm to dream of Sailing again… 🙂

Posted by International Dragon Sailing on Friday, 24 April 2020
Late Change! Stir-Fry interviews Stav 1st May 2020.

A last minute change to scheduled program. We will have Vincie on as soon as he has finished tidying his Bavarian greenhouse & sorted his Wifi 🙂

Posted by International Dragon Sailing on Friday, 1 May 2020