Edinburgh Cup 2021 Day Two

A beautifully sunny day greeted the Dragon fleet on day two of the Edinburgh Cup in Edinburgh.

After a short delay waiting for wind race two started with an individual recall for GBR 731 the fleet took to the right of the course towards Edinburgh up the first beat against the tide.

Badger 818 and Jerboa 761 were close at the top mark and rounded ahead of Harry 818, Fei Lin’s Flirtation 633 and Bluebottle 192.

Image: Edinburgh Cup, Ron Cowan

Gavia Wilkinson-Cox’s Jerboa looked very steady and comfortable in the light airs and stuck with Badger going into the gate for the second time. Following them through were Bande a Part FRA 428, Bluebottle and Harry.

Race two win went to Badger claiming their first bullet of the Edinburgh Cup followed by Bande a Part, Jerboa and Bluebottle. Simon Barter’s Bertie 763 finished in fifth place claiming the Corinthian win.

A good start for Badger, Bluebottle and Harry in race three saw them take the left hand side of the course towards Fife.

Tom Vernon’s team of Adam Bowers and Oliver Spensley-Corfield have sailed well in the conditions, maximising on the light puffs of wind on the Firth of Forth. They were again first to the windward mark followed closely by Bande a Part, Bluebottle and Harry.

The 1.3 nautical mile run down provided room for some tactical advantages which Ron James capitalised on as he steered Fei Lin’s Flirtation 633 to overtake Harry before the gate.

Royal Forth Yacht Club sailor Cathy Ogden and her team onboard Kismet had a great beat and windward mark rounding and found themselves in 6th place on the run.

Image: Edinburgh Cup, Ron Cowan

By the final windward mark rounding Bluebottle had overtaken both Badger and Bande a Part to come out in the lead followed by Fei Lin’s Flirtation and Bertie.

Hot on their heels was Kismet who continued to race well using local knowledge and experience to stay ahead, sailing along with Harry and Flotation 790 towards the final gate.

Race three was won by Bluebottle, Badger and Bande a Part.

After three Edinburgh Cup races the overall results stand at
1. Badger 810
2. Bande a Part 428
3. Bluebottle 192
4. Jerboa 761
5. Fei-Lin’s Flirtation 633

Day Three racing is scheduled to start at 1125 with two races. Follow the BDA Facebook page for live-stream race reports. To view photos from the event visit the Ed Cup Gallery.

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